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At Wallington Primary Academy (WPA), we strive to ensure that by the time our pupils finish primary school, each child can write in a clear, grammatically correct and engaging way.


This year we have made this curriculum area a focus for school improvement.  We understand English curriculum like all curriculums should remain under continuous review striving for the very best outcomes for our pupils.  We are doing this by responding to current research, by following the guidance of other national leaders in education such as the English hub, Primary Pixl and by collaborating with other schools. 


Writing is a key life skill and we promote daily opportunities so that children can successfully write for a range of audiences and purposes.


Children’s enjoyment of writing is key and is demonstrated through their vocabulary choices, presentation and clear understanding of what they are writing about. They are taught to use precise grammatical terminology, to discuss and learn from notable authors and to explain their own writing choices.


How we teach Writing

At WPA, children are immersed in a theme for each half term. They study a quality text related to the theme and take part in a related experience which allows them to develop the knowledge to write with confidence and authority.


In class, teachers model example pieces so children understand the characteristics of different genres. Additionally, children are taught grammar concepts which help them to write accurately.  They learn the correct terminology to be able to discuss writing with precision.


Children will encounter the same grammar skills across the school to ensure they have mastered the concepts thoroughly and are introduced to increasingly complex grammar concepts as they progress each year.  Word banks and displays guide children towards appropriate vocabulary choices while planning sessions help children to structure their work.


Children write, edit and review their writing over a period of time.  Each series of lessons span over a minimum of a week often stretching over a fortnight or three weeks; this helps them build their writing stamina and gives them sufficient time to create a quality piece. Personal writing targets are shared with the children so they know their next steps.


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