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School Council

Our School Council meet a minimum of 6 times a year. Together we collaborate and share ideas to improve our school.  Councillors are an important part of our leadership team. 

Pupil Friendly School Development Plan

House Captains

Every child in the school is assigned to one of four houses: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  We try where possible to ensure that siblings are aligned to the same house on admission to school.  


Why have houses?

At WPA, we feel that competition is a healthy life skill.  We want children to aspire to take part in team activities and enjoy being part of a group that spans across the school so that children have opportunities to learn, play and compete with children of differing age groups.


What kind of events will take place?

Across the school year, children will take place in sports events, book shares, poetry competitions and more.


Who are our House Captains?

We have four Y6 House Captains each academic year. They will play an important role in communicating coming events, leading play, sports and competitions.  They will feature frequently in assembly and will support the School Council.

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