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Behaviour, Wellbeing and Relationships

We value the strong relationships that exist across our school.  These relationships build mutual respect and endorse and foster, good behaviour in our classrooms. Our relationships are underpinned by our Cirrus Values:

ambition, honesty, inclusion, respect and resilience.


We teach children about the Zones of Regulation helping them to recognise theirs and others emotions to further their emotional intelligence.  This ensures children can learn with resilience and ambition.  


Developing and stretching the right behaviours for learning are essential. At WPA, we help our children to understand their strengths and areas for development, seeing these as part and parcel of their everyday learning.


We use the Super Learner characters to hone key skills such as listening and questioning, resilience and perseverance.  In every class, we have a Pause for Thought station to build emotional regulation and to support how they express their thoughts and feelings appropriately.


At WPA we want our children to be the next generation of responsible, caring and ambitious young people.  We know that in order to achieve this, they need to develop their decision making assisting their communication and social interaction. 


We are united against bullying and discrimination of any kind.  We seek an equitable society.

Our Pupil Choices - Our expectations created by the children for the children

Pupil 'Say no to bullying' policy

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