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At Wallington Primary Academy, we aim to nurture a love of reading through an English curriculum which shares and exposes pupils to a variety of quality literature. We value reading as a key life skill and we use the Read Write Inc programme to get children off to a flying start with their phonics.  We aspire to equip all pupils with the tools needed to decode and comprehend a text fluently, enabling our children to access knowledge across the wider curriculum and beyond. 


The foundations for reading are laid in our Nursery where pupils regularly share picture books, nursery rhymes and songs with their class. From the beginning of Reception and throughout Key Stage 1, pupils are taught to read in additional phonics sessions which follow the systematic, synthetic phonics programme ‘Read, Write, Inc’. Through clear expectations of phonics progress and regular assessment, we ensure that all pupils make a rapid start to their reading journey.


In Key Stage 2 this is built upon and readers are taught to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary ensuring that they continually grow and enhance their vocabulary in order to develop individual confidence when reading, writing, speaking and listening. We see reading as a key skill that opens doors, unlocks knowledge about the world and builds understanding and inference.  We want our learners to be curious and recognise the value of being exposed to a broad range of text types.


By the time children leave Wallington Primary Academy, they should be confident selecting and reading a wide range of material and enjoy reading for pleasure.


How we teach Reading


  • Daily phonics using Read Write Inc starting from the beginning of reception.
  • Our Read Write Inc reading scheme ensures pupils can apply their phonic knowledge within phonics lessons and at home.
  • Children are able to take home, Read Write Inc books carefully matched to their phonics ability to develop their fluency.
  • Streamed phonics groups based on regular assessments and interventions until no longer required.
  • High quality, rich texts at the heart of English curriculum and form the basis of each half term’s English planning as well as being a class novel for our children to enjoy.
  • Whole class guided reading lesson, English lessons and wider curriculum lessons children are given opportunities to read and discuss a wide range of genres including poetry and non-fiction.


We also have a number of reading enrichment activities, to promote reading for pleasure. This includes:


  • Regular access to our school library.
  • Reading assemblies to read for pleasure. 
  • Daily class reading time as part of whole class guided reading, paired reading, individual reading or timetabled story time at the end of the day.
  • Enrichment weeks such as our diversity week and book week are usually based on a text or this year, 'Poetry that makes you laugh out loud'.
  • Celebrations for World Book Week including events such as ‘Books at Bedtime’, competitions and lots of amazing costumes!

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