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General guidance

Staff at Wallington Primary Academy make every effort to ensure that children attend school within a structured learning environment and a stimulating atmosphere.
Our school is part of a family of academies within the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust.
Further information can be found here

We kindly ask that parents do not stay or escort children into the classroom areas unless this has been pre-arranged with the class teacher for a specific reason.

Urgent messages for the class teacher may be handed to a member of staff on the gate or communicated via the school office.


In and around our school

Please closely supervise all younger children on school premises while waiting at the beginning and end of the school day – do not allow them to disturb children who are still in class or interfere with other people’s property.


If you have a meeting at the school, are late, or are collecting your child because of illness or an appointment during the school day, please report to the school office.


Whenever possible, we ask that you walk to school thus avoiding congestion in the local area.

Our car park is for staff only, please do not bring cars onto the premises at any time, unless you are registered disabled. 

Please do not park on the double yellow lines on the entrance slip way to the school (unless you have a registered blue badge).
We kindly ask that you consider our local residents when parking in the surrounding roads and do not block driveways or use resident parking bays. 


Visitors in school
All visits to our school must be pre-arranged with a member of staff.
Parking on-site is extremely limited, therefore please speak to the school office if you require a parking space, although this cannot be guaranteed.
All visitors MUST report to school reception. You will be required to sign in via our electronic system. 

If not previously provided, we request your original DBS and photo identification on your first visit (parents excluded). 
You can find our location and opening hours here


Food in school
From September 2023, all children are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal. 
Alternatively, packed lunches should be contained in an appropriate lunchbox or bag, clearly labelled on the outside with your child’s name and class. 

Milk is provided free of charge to children in Nursery only. 


All children should bring water in a named sports type water bottle each day.
A portion of fresh fruit or vegetables is provided for Foundation Stage and KS1 children at morning break. If children prefer, they can bring in fruit of their choice from home instead. All KS2 children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit for eating at break time.

Please do not bring any food onto the school premises that contains nuts (including peanut butter and Nutella).
We have children with severe allergies and exposure to these items, including airborne, could be fatal.


Further information about food in school can be found here


School Uniform
All school uniform and other items such as bags and water bottles must be marked with the child’s name.
We try to avoid ‘lost property’ by returning named items directly to the child.

WPA items can be purchased via our school uniform supplier.

PE Bags containing shorts, t-shirts and plimsolls that are all clearly marked should be left in school all week and taken home for washing at weekends or at least on a half termly basis. 

Further information about school uniform can be found here.


Mobile Phones
Only children KS2 who have permission to walk home alone can bring mobile phones to school.
These must be switched off and handed to the class teacher at the beginning of the day. 


If your child is unwell, please notify the school before 8.30am via our absence line on 020 8669 3978 - option 1 (this is an automated line which is open 24 hours).
If we are not notified us that you child will be absent, you will be contacted by the school office as part of our attendance procedures.


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