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Governance structure

Wallington Primary Academy has a ‘Local Committee’ , which is a committee of the Trust (Cirrus Primary Academy Trust). The accountability of the academy rests with the Trust, and many responsibilities are delegated to the Local Committee.


To find out about the structure of the Trust, please see this page on the Trust’s website.


Wallington’s Board consists of:


2 elected Parent Governors

1 elected Staff Governor

1 co-opted Staff Governor

4 other Co-opted Governors

1 Head


Total number of governors: 9


Trustees (including the CEO) are able to attend Local Committee meetings.


The Local Committee at Wallington Primary Academy consists of 9 members of the local and school community. It works closely with the Senior Leadership Team to oversee the strategic direction of the school. It does this by offering support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, and help where needed. It challenges, asks questions and seeks information to ensure that the best interests of the children at Wallington are met. All governors work on a voluntary basis.


The Local Committee meets at least once a term, to discuss issues and make decisions related to the teaching and learning within our school.  Additionally, the Local Committee Chair attends a termly Chair Forum meeting with the Chair of Trustees and CEO. 


The Local Committee also performance manages the Head and has a Pay Committee which works with the Head as part of the Performance Management Appraisal process.


The Local Committee can be contacted via the the school office. 



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