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Start and finish times

Due to Covid-19 and following Government guidance, we have staggered our start and finish times at Wallington Primary Academy.  
Please see the table below (please note our school closes early on Wednesdays):
Year  Gate  Start
(Monday - Friday)
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday)
(Wednesdays only)
Nursery  Early Years 8.40am  11.40am 11.40am
Reception Early Years 8.30am 3pm 1.25pm
1 KS1 8.35am 3.05pm 1.30pm
2 KS2 8.40am 3.10pm 1.30pm
3 KS2 8.40am 3.20pm 1.35pm
4 KS2 8.50am 3.30pm 1.40pm
5 KS2 8.55am 3.35pm 1.30pm
6 KS2 9am (allowing for buses) 3.40pm 1.35pm


Please note, that you may bring all your children to school at the earliest start time for your children and collect at the earlier time.

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