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Start and finish times 2022-23

Key Stage
Gate Arrival timeRegistration
* see note below 
Finish time
Nursery Early Years8.30am 8.30am 11.30am
Reception8.30am8.45am 3.15pm
(Years 1 & 2)
Main8.30am8.45am 3.15pm
(Years 3,4,5 & 6)
8.30am8.45am 3.20pm


Children arriving after 8.45am (Reception, KS1 and KS2) or 8.30am (Nursery) must enter via the school office.
A parent/carer will be required to sign their child(ren) in as late via our electronic system. 


* The register for your child's class is taken at the time shown above. After this time your child will be recorded as late. 

Registers close 25 minutes after the time shown above.
Children late after this time will be recorded as present (for fire, health and safety reasons) but WILL RECEIVE AN ABSENT MARK FOR THE ENTIRE MORNING SESSION

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