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Our vision and values

Our Vision 

At Wallington Primary Academy our vision and values are at the heart of every decision we make. They act as the pillars of our curriculum, they inform our teaching and learning practices and most importantly, they underpin the relationships that we cherish and foster.


At Wallington Primary Academy we aspire for everyone:

  • To demonstrate intellectual curiosity. 
  • To have compassion for all living things.
  • To respect, yet challenge each other’s views.
  • To build lasting, effective relationships.
  • To have aspirational goals to fulfil our dreams.


At Wallington Primary Academy, children choose to:

  • We choose to communicate: to share our feelings and ideas confidently and sensibly.
  • We choose to collaborate: to work as a team, to help, to teach each other.
  • We choose to be compassionate: to understand, to care for every living thing.
  • We choose to connect: to be a good friend to everyone in our school.

    We call these our Wallington Primary Academy (WPA) ‘Fab 4’; they are our Pupil Choices. These shape our curriculum and inform each school policy.


Our Mission and Guiding Principles

  • We have high aspirations for all;
  • We strive to provide high quality teaching and learning, remove barriers to success and raise expectations and standards for all;
  • We place the highest priority on safeguarding children and ensuring that our school is a safe environment in which their personal development can flourish;
  • We continue to develop a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and interests our children and meets their needs – ensuring that all children make good progress;
  • We aim to enable our children to understand the importance of character, collaboration, citizenship, communication, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking, through our curriculum and a culture of mutual respect;
  • We strive to provide a stimulating, nurturing environment in which to learn, work and play;
  • We enable our children to discover their interests, talents and strengths and have the courage and resilience to persevere when learning new skills;
  • We explicitly teach children about behaviours for learning;
  • We support our children to understand the impact of their actions on others and be motivated to make a positive difference to their own lives and the lives of those around them;
  • We aim to enable our children to become confident and knowledgeable enough to cultivate their own opinions and make informed choices;
  • We see parents, carers and others in the local community as integral to the life of the school and seek to involve them as much as possible in our work;
  • We are outward facing and collaborate with other schools and organisations in order to continually improve our practice and widen opportunities for our school community;
  • We will ensure that our resources are managed efficiently and deployed where they give maximum benefit to the children.


We are committed to ensuring that our children leave us as confident, responsible, respectful and resilient individuals who have happy memories of their time with us; are proud of their achievements and are motivated to make a positive difference in the world!

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